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IronYun expands the power of the Vaidio AI Vision Platform with 7.0 Release

Vaidio 7.0 enhances Object Search, Object Counting, Scene Change, Vaidio Data and more

IronYun Opens the Door to Smart Home Automation

For decades, the concept of an automated home has been a dream for homeowners everywhere. And while the Jetsons cartoon glorified space-age ...

IronYun expands the power of the Vaidio AI Vision Platform with 6.2 Release

New features and enhancements include large-scale federation, enterprise-class business intelligence, cross-camera tracking, crowd monitoring, scene ...

How AI Video Analytics Is Energizing Business Operations For Brick-And-Mortar Retail

Article originally posted by IronYun CEO, Paul Sun, for the Forbes Technology Council:

IronYun and Nvidia Partner to Build Smart Spaces with Edge AI

Edge AI is Powering a Safer, Smarter World  
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6 Benefits of Real-Time Video Analytics


8 Reasons to Use AI Video Analytics for Public Safety


How AI Can Improve Local Policing Strategies


How AI Can Improve Workplace Safety

How AI Can Enhance Business Operations

Emerging technologies are always exciting, and that's especially true for artificial intelligence (AI). In AI, it seems as if there's a new ...