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IronYun's Vaidio® AI Vision Platform delivers world-class accuracy, performance, and insights that enable users everywhere to create safety, security, and peace of mind. From global enterprises and agencies to industrial operations and private homes, Vaidio makes it fast and easy to select, configure, and implement AI analytics—with any IP camera.

Vaidio offers the flexibility to deploy video analytics as and when they are needed. Analytics can be deployed à la carte and multiple analytics can be deployed on a single camera. Vaidio supports on-prem, remote, hybrid, and cloud-based solutions.





“As the number of users and use cases for our Vaidio AI Vision Platform grows, our team continues to improve and expand the technology and the user controls to deliver the full potential of AI-enabled video analytics.

With input from our partners and customers, we are continuously advancing this powerful platform to put the power of advanced AI to work to create safety, security, and peace of mind for communities everywhere.”

- Paul Sun, President and CEO of IronYun




For educators and students at schools and universities, safety has become a critical concern. To quickly improve the security posture of any school or campus, the Vaidio AI Vision Platform delivers advanced, AI-enabled video intelligence—without the added cost of proprietary security cameras. The School Safety Bundle brings together the functions that help make educational campuses safer and smarter every minute of every day.

  • Reduce threats and increase security with AI-enabled video analytics for face detection, face recognition, and intrusion detection 
  • Preload the School Safety Bundle of choice analytics on up to 8 cameras
  • Connect cameras, regions of interest, and analytics within 1-2 days
  • Leverage existing IP cameras to reduce equipment costs

The result: smarter learning environments that boost the safety, security, and peace of mind for students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Learn more about campus safety and security.

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Large venues like sporting events and concerts pose significant safety and security challenges. Large, unpredictable crowds make it difficult to monitor activities, filter false alerts, and ensure that every spectator and participant can enjoy the event—from arrival in the parking lot to their safe arrival home. Vaidio is easily integrated with third-party security management platforms and access control systems to support rapid installation and immediate results.

  • Monitor entire venues to identify, manage, and respond to suspicious activities before they escalate into serious threats
  • Detect and assess crowd congestion, aggressive and antisocial behavior, and illegal ticket/merchandise sales
  • Receive alerts for abandoned objects—particularly in emergency exits
  • Help locate and reunite missing children with their parents
  • Leverage existing IP cameras to reduce equipment costs
The result: smarter venues that ensure a safe, enjoyable experience for all.
stadium events



Retail environments demand video solutions that enhance security, help prevent theft and speed investigations—without negatively impacting the customer experience. To achieve these goals, the Vaidio AI Vision Platform is layered onto existing IP cameras to quickly and easily provide analytics such as face recognition-based access control, people counting, heatmaps, and smoke, fire, object, behavior detection, and more.

  • Monitor store traffic, control access, and analyze shopping behavior to ensure safety, prevent theft, and gain useful insights
  • Reduce shrink and protect profits by identifying irregular POS transactions and backdoor thefts
  • Support loss prevention investigations with forensic video analytics
  • Enhance safety and peace of mind for customers and employees

The result: smarter retail environments that improve safety and efficiency while protecting customers and employees. Learn more here.




Community leaders and law enforcement agencies are striving to reduce crime and improve safety for residents wherever they may be. On local streets and public transportation. At local shopping centers, entertainment venues, school campuses, and medical facilities. Available in Smart City Bundles of commonly used functions, Vaidio enables safety, security, and peace of mind for communities and cities of any size.

  • For local law enforcement, Vaidio provides the intelligence needed to prevent and solve crimes, including intrusion detection, forensic video search, license plate and stolen vehicle recognition, and more.
  • Emergency response units benefit from people and vehicle counting, as well as smoke, fire, weapons, and PPE detection.
  • For community planners, Vaidio delivers the data needed to ensure efficient operations of public transit, traffic flow and parking, waste management, and sustainable development.
  • Easily add new functions as community needs change over time, choosing from more than 30 analytics on the Vaidio AI Vision Platform
  • Leverage existing IP cameras and video infrastructure to reduce equipment costs

The result: smarter communities that attract new business, invite tourism, and support changing demographics—while giving residents the freedom to live, work, and play more securely. Learn more here.




Tracking and preventing suspicious behavior on properties is vital to protecting and delighting guests. While most hotels, restaurants, bars, and casinos have IP security cameras in place, many lack the advanced video analytics needed to ensure the safety of guests and employees. The Vaidio AI Vision Platform supports the growing need for enhanced security and surveillance for facilities large and small.
  • Reduce reliance on video monitoring by employees with AI-enabled analytics and alerts for smoke, fire, weapons, and more
  • Increase security with face recognition, intrusion detection, and abandoned object alerts 
  • Protect the safety of guests in public areas by detecting overcrowding in event spaces, swimming pools, etc.
  • Identify and respond to aggressive guest behavior before guest safety is impacted
  • Monitor and manage guest and employee access using license plate recognition (LPR)
The result: safer, more secure hotels, restaurants, bars, and casinos that improve employee safety and improve the experience for every guest. Learn more here.
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The video analytics needs of large enterprises vary widely by industry and scale. The Vaidio AI Vision Platform delivers key analytics that improve security, increase safety, and boost productivity for businesses of all kinds—from corporate campuses and financial institutions to cannabis operations to industrial facilities.

  • Easily manage video analytics across multiple locations from one central location
  • Manage access to offices, parking structures, and restricted areas using LPR and face recognition
  • Ensure PPE compliance and other enterprise requirements
  • Detect movement of objects and inventory to prevent loss
  • Leverage existing IP cameras and video infrastructure to reduce equipment costs

The result: a safer enterprise environment that drives higher productivity, reduces losses, and improves safety in the workplace.




At hospitals and medical facilities, The Vaidio AI Vision Platform delivers capabilities that can help administrators better understand the daily needs of healthcare staff, and while helping staff better meet patient needs. Vaidio helps increase operational efficiency, strengthen facility security, and advance patient safety.
  • Improve patient care and safety–even when staff can’t be physically present
  • Protect infants from potential theft or unauthorized visits using access control, RFID readers, and Facial Recognition (FR)
  • Optimize facility use and management with accurate insights into occupancy of waiting rooms, rooms and beds, and procedure and operating rooms
  • Ensure proper access and maintenance routines with integration of FR with existing HRM systems
  • Increase facility security and reduce risk using people and vehicle counting; privacy protection; scene change detection; real-time alerts to smoke, fire, weapons, loitering; and more
  • Leverage existing IP cameras and video infrastructure to reduce equipment costs
The result: a secure, more efficient healthcare environment that ensures the safety of patients and staff, and optimized operations across the facility—from parking lot to operating room. Learn more here.
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In warehouse and manufacturing facilities of all kinds, worker safety, building security, and item detection are critical to effective operations. The Vaidio AI Vision Platform delivers accurate, reliable analytics that help ensure every aspect of a facility is safe, secure, and efficient—from factory floors and assembly lines to highly classified power plants and lights-out production facilities.
  • Keep workers safe by triggering alerts upon access to hazardous or blocked off areas or when an employee is too close to in-motion machinery or forklifts
  • Restrict access to secure/restricted areas, parking structures, and entire facilities using license plate and face recognition
  • Detect intrusions and receive alerts in <2 seconds—with high accuracy that eliminated false alerts
  • Track and count inbound/outbound objects and detect custom object types (full pallet vs. partial pallet, object color, package type, etc.)
  • Track equipment, and entire shipments using QR code detection
  • Leverage existing IP cameras and video infrastructure to reduce equipment costs 
The result: a safer environment that protects workers and goods, and optimized flow of materials and inventory in facilities of any size.
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Airports, seaports, and transit stations all pose safety and security risks when not carefully monitored. The Vaidio AI Vision Platform provides station-wide visibility, real-time and forensic analytics, and immediate alerts to protect valuable in-transit goods and to improve the safety and customer experience of travelers.
  • Monitor transit traffic using occupancy detection, crowd heat mapping and queue management, parking management, and wait and transit time analytics
  • Manage access to offices, parking structures, and restricted areas using license plate and face recognition
  • Improve the customer experiences by optimizing parking management, delivering personalized signage by age and gender, gaining insights into visitor demographics, and detecting emotional reactions of travelers
  • Ensure traveler safety with hazardous intrusion alerts, crouch and fall detection, object left behind, and cross camera tracking to easily search for travelers of interest
  • Increase security and reduce risk using people and vehicle counting; privacy protection; scene change and object removed detection; IoT integrations that trigger alerts to critical issues (gas leaks, loud noises); real-time alerts to smoke, fire, weapons; and more
  • Manage event alerts, access control, employee attendance, and more from a central location  
  • Leverage existing IP cameras and video infrastructure to reduce equipment costs
The result: improved safety and peace of mind for travelers, greater security for transported goods, and improved facility security—from parking lots to transit platforms to large shipping and truck yards.
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Improving the safety and security profile at energy facilities can be challenging due to the expanse of the area that must be monitored, as well as the sheer number of issues that must be tracked 24/7. The Vaidio AI Vision Platform offers an all-in-one solution that addresses common issues, as well as the ability to customize the AI to detect custom objects of interest. 
  • Improve the safety and security of workers using PPE detection and receiving alerts when employees are too close to dangerous machinery or enter a hazardous or restricted area
  • Ensure building security using facial recognition to manage access and GPS and indoor floor plan to track workers and incidents in real time
  • Reduce hazardous materials risks with accurate and immediate alerts to leaks, sparks, abnormal equipment activity, and smoke and fire, as well as
  • Prevent machinery/production stops and detect unattended machinery in operation
  • Increase site safety with immediate alerts to when objects or equipment are modified or tampered, counting personnel or objects inside or outside a warehouse or site, and managing access and occupancy of parking lots
  • Leverage existing IP cameras and video infrastructure to reduce equipment costs
The result: safer, more secure facilities that use AI-enabled video analytics to keep workers safe and protect critical energy supplies from risk due to employee error, faulty equipment, or external threats.
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One of the greatest advantages of AI-enabled video analytics is the ability to track and manage vehicles of all kinds in a wide variety of environments—from city streets to the open ocean. The Vaidio AI Vision Platform uses the most advanced AI capabilities to increase traffic-flow efficiency, detect dangerous conditions, and protect operators and passengers.
  • Monitor traffic flow on city streets with the ability to detect abnormal speeds and cars traveling in the wrong direction, count and track vehicles, and search for specific vehicles using license plate and make/model recognition
  • Manage marine traffic by easily recognizing boats (visually or by ID via OCR) and receiving alerts when unauthorized or blacklisted boats enter a marina or dock
  • Use central dashboard to track traffic patterns, in/out counts, occupancy, and vehicle types by time, and to pinpoint peak traffic times and locations
  • Detect and receive immediate alerts to events such as illegal parking, object left behind, FoV changes, road damage/defects, and severe weather
  • Manage parking facilities using AI analytics to manage parking space availability, make parking reservations and receive alerts when vehicle has arrived, receive parking violation alerts, and use heat maps to learn which spaces are least or most desired
  • Leverage existing IP cameras and video infrastructure to reduce equipment costs
The result: a safer enterprise environment that drives higher productivity, reduces losses, and improves safety in the workplace.
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According to recent data from CargoNet, cargo theft losses soared to $19M in the 1Q2022 in the US and Canada–a 73% increase over the same period in 2021. While much of these losses may be prevented by improved truck yard security, the effectiveness of security guards and standard security cameras is limited in large, often poorly lit truck yards. Guards can’t be everywhere at once, and manned entry points are just one of many access points for potential thieves. AI-enabled video analytics from Vaidio delivers faster, more effective truck yard security 24/7.
  • Manage access at official entry points using LPR and face recognition
  • Identify unauthorized vehicles—even in low light and extreme weather conditions
  • Receive immediate alerts to unscheduled movement of containers and other cargo 
  • Accelerate theft and damage investigations using AI to quickly perform forensic video analytics 
The result: a proactive, 24/7 approach to truck yard security that can significantly reduce cargo theft and other on-site security issues.
Truck Yards



IronYun's SIA award-winning Vaidio Platform offers more than 30 advanced AI video analytics functions to bring intelligence and accuracy to existing camera and video infrastructures.

Our mission: to build a safer, smarter world by helping our customers improve security, safety, health, and operational efficiency.

IronYun has evolved the artificial intelligence at the core of the Vaidio Platform to create a resource-efficient, open platform that is field-proven to maximize accuracy and performance across the industry’s broadest array of analytics functions. We are NDAA approved, headquartered in Stamford, CT, and our Vaidio Platform is deployed across tens of thousands of cameras for government, healthcare, education, retail, transit, and enterprise customers worldwide.