Vaidio® for Retail

Prevent loss and ensure customer and employee safety by adding AI vision to existing cameras







IronYun is positioned in the Major Players category in the 2022 IDC MarketScape for worldwide Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS).
In this report, IDC says that “customers have validated Vaidio's accuracy, which can nearly eliminate nuisance false alerts. It is also common for customers to add additional Vaidio analytics functions over time, leveraging the breadth of the platform offering. IronYun also is noted for its low cost of adoption and ease of installation.”

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Improve loss prevention effectiveness

Vaidio combines retail-critical tools such as always-on behavior and intrusion monitoring, person detection, people counting, and object recognition to create an effective loss prevention solution.


Identify shopping behaviors using advanced AI

Retailers can effectively monitor dwell time, transactions, store and warehouse inventory levels, store traffic and demographics, and more.

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Act quickly and effectively with Vaidio AI

Enhance safety and peace of mind for customers and employees by accelerating incident response times with alerts in 2 seconds or less from cameras in any location.

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Optimize decision making with Vaidio AI Vision

Use actionable real-time and forensic data to optimize decision making around the retail shop infrastructure.

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The Vaidio® AI Vision Platform


Reduce False Alerts by 99.9%

Relative to another AI-powered solution, Vaidio reduced false alerts by 99.9% by understanding context and filtering out shadows, leaves, insects, animals, and weather.

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Fast, Easy Deployment and Significantly Lower Equipment Costs

Can deploy with dozens or hundreds of cameras in hours or days. One NFL stadium was up and running with 500 connected cameras in a single weekend, confirming a 85% reduction in servers.


Scalable Forensic Video Search Capabilities

Unlike many camera-based solutions that only work in real-time, Vaidio offers scalable forensic video search capabilities for accelerated incident investigation.

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More Processing Power

Vaidio delivers more processing power relative to camera-based analytics


Searches in Seconds

Vaidio finishes forensic searches within seconds.

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More Accurate

Vaidio is more accurate than camera-based solutions

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Figure 1. Selecting AI video analytics with the Vaidio AI Vision Platform

IronYun's SIA award-winning Vaidio Platform offers more than 30 advanced AI video analytics functions to bring intelligence and accuracy to existing camera and video infrastructures. Vaidio offers accurate intrusion detection, vehicle make and model search, and object, person, health and safety analytics as well as comprehensive forensic video search, among many other analytics.

Our mission: to build a safer, smarter world by helping our customers improve security, safety, health, and operational efficiency.