Vaidio® for Retail

Enhance Retail Security and Efficiency with Vision AI



Vaidio AI video analytics analyze stored or real-time video to enhance retail security, monitor store traffic, control access, and analyze shopping behavior to ensure safety, prevent theft, and gain valuable insights — all while protecting personal privacy and improving the customer experience.




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IronYun won the Security Industry Association's Loss Prevention and Article Surveillance Award in 2023 and Best New Product in 2024 for the Vaidio 8.0 release.

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Improve loss prevention effectiveness

Vaidio combines essential retail tools such as always-on behavior and intrusion monitoring, person detection, people counting, and object recognition to create a robust loss prevention solution. By continuously monitoring store activity and detecting suspicious behavior in real-time, Vaidio helps retailers reduce shrinkage and enhance overall security.



Generate retail business intelligence using Vision AI

Retailers can leverage Vaidio's advanced AI to monitor key metrics such as dwell time, transactions, store and warehouse inventory levels, store traffic, and customer demographics. This comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into shopping patterns, helping retailers optimize store layouts, improve customer service, and increase sales.



Alert on security threats or shoplifting

Enhance safety and peace of mind for customers and employees by accelerating incident response times with Vaidio AI. The platform provides alerts in 2 seconds or less from cameras in any location, allowing staff to act swiftly and effectively to address potential security issues, ensuring a safer shopping environment.



Optimize Decision Making with Vaidio AI Vision

Utilize actionable real-time and forensic data provided by Vaidio AI Vision to optimize decision-making processes within the retail environment. By analyzing detailed data on store operations and customer behavior, retailers can make informed decisions to improve store infrastructure, streamline operations, and enhance the overall shopping experience.


Enhance retail operations with Vaidio®

Optimize store safety, prevent theft, and gain valuable shopper insights

Precision and Efficiency

Vaidio ensures retail security by minimizing false alerts by 99.9%, filtering out irrelevant elements for precise detection.

Rapid Deployment, Lower Costs

Easily deploy Vaidio in retail environments with rapid setup, reducing equipment costs. For example, one retail chain integrated 500 cameras over a weekend, cutting servers by 85%.

Advanced Retail Security

Vaidio offers rapid forensic video searches and superior accuracy tailored for retail, outperforming traditional solutions.

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Figure 1. Selecting AI video analytics with the Vaidio AI Vision Platform

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