The Groundbreaking

Vaidio® 8.0 is Almost Here


Officially launching this Spring, Vaidio 8.0 introduces Vaidio Kubernetes and Microservices

What makes Vaidio 8.0 different?

Vaidio 8.0 is designed to make it both easy and cost effective to offer a comprehensive set of the world’s most advanced video analytics applications for safety, security, operations and beyond as subscription-based software-as-a-service. Every component of the 8.0 release, from Kubernetes integration, to analytics virtualization, to the Vaidio Service Portal, is designed to maximize ease of use and ease of service delivery, to minimize resource and operating costs, and to enable a scalable, on-demand, and auto-provisioning framework for enterprises, integrators, and service providers.


Version 8.0 Key Features

Kubernetes Integration

Vaidio 8.0 integrates its Linux core with Kubernetes, streamlining workload management across various cloud environments. This architecture enhances compute efficiency and scalability while minimizing operational costs. By orchestrating containers across master, worker, and microservices nodes, Vaidio 8.0 optimizes resource utilization and enables efficient manageability and scalability.

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Analytics Virtualization

With Vaidio 8.0, microservices and a patent-pending virtualization layer enable cameras to dynamically share GPU resources, boosting the number of cameras each GPU can support. This lowers the overall solution cost. A true revolution for video analytics.

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Generative AI

Vaidio 8.0 incorporates proprietary, fine-tuned generative AI. Vaidio GenAI applications include natural language video search, complex object and behavior recognition, massive object vocabulary expansion, and accelerated custom model development. Vaidio GenAI enhances platform security and safety capabilities, and opens up new applications that can drive significant operational and business value.

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Floating Analytics Licenses

Vaidio's Floating Analytics Licenses, a key component of its 8.0 architecture, enable flexible redeployment across cameras, enhancing operational efficiency. These licenses are not tied to specific cameras, allowing dynamic allocation for various analytics tasks based on demand or schedule. This feature streamlines resource usage and facilitates seamless adaptation to changing surveillance needs.


The Vaidio Service Portal

Vaidio 8.0 introduces the Vaidio Service Portal, designed for service providers to deliver and manage video analytics services at scale. This AWS-based portal, customizable to match branding, supports thousands of end-users and streamlines service delivery with comprehensive administrative functionalities.

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IronYun's SIA award-winning Vaidio Platform offers more than 30 advanced AI video analytics functions to bring intelligence and accuracy to existing camera and video infrastructures.

Our mission: to build a safer, smarter world by helping our customers improve security, safety, health, and operational efficiency.

IronYun has evolved the artificial intelligence at the core of the Vaidio Platform to create a resource-efficient, open platform that is field-proven to maximize accuracy and performance across the industry’s broadest array of analytics functions. We are NDAA approved, headquartered in Stamford, CT, and our Vaidio Platform is deployed across tens of thousands of cameras for government, healthcare, education, retail, transit, and enterprise customers worldwide.