Comprehensive, Proven
AI Video Analytics
IronYun's Vaidio AI Vision Platform features more than 30 advanced, proven AI video analytics
that add intelligence to any new or existing IP camera




Deploy only the analytics necessary for each specific application, and add analytics functionality over time



Floating licenses are not tied to any specific camera and can be deployed at will to any camera, on a user defined schedule, e.g., the same camera can use facial-recognition-based access control during the day – and intrusion detection at night



Multiple analytics can be deployed on a single camera, and the entire analytics suite can be applied to any new or existing IP camera


Though there is no limit to how or where each analytic can be used, the following categories offer a starting point:


Safety & Security

Vaidio AI video analytics can improve the security posture of any environment. Legacy systems can generate multiple false alarms each day for every camera – making these systems both costly and ineffective. Vaidio advanced AI nearly eliminates false alerts. Vaidio AI delivers rapid, accurate detection and alerting with the following Safety & Security Analytics:

  Intrusion Detection

  Anomaly Detection




  Object Counting & Detection

  Object Left Behind/Removed

  Perimeter Monitoring

  PPE (mask/uniform)

  Restricted Areas

  Scene Change

  Sensor Integration

  Smoke, Fire, Weapon

The result: Smarter, safer, more secure public and private spaces

safety security camera


Vaidio AI video analytics can improve the efficiency and security of access control processes. Traditional access control systems often lack context or depend on manual processes. Vaidio advanced AI can automatically connect, check, and verify any combination of faces, ID numbers, license plates, vehicles, and authorized user behaviors and patterns to deter tailgating and elevate access security. Vaidio Access Control Analytics include:

 Face Recognition

 ID Verification

 License Plate Recognition

 Visitor Check-In

The result: An extra layer of continuous intelligence and proactive security measures that integrate with access control systems to improve efficiency, accuracy, and security

access control gate


Vaidio AI video analytics can exponentially accelerate forensic video search and investigation to make security center operations more efficient and effective. Vaidio intelligence understands dozens of objects, hundreds of vehicle makes and thousands of vehicle models, and can immediately differentiate a single person and track that subject across cameras. Vaidio Forensic Video Search leverages Vaidio Metadata to deliver search results in a fraction of the time of manual searching – often delivering results in seconds where even competitive AI-based solutions would take hours. Vaidio Investigation & Search Analytics include:

 Video Search

 Video Evidence

The result: Vaidio can compress hours, days, or weeks of manual video search down to minutes or seconds

investigation search forensic


Vaidio AI video analytics can improve efficiency and enable enterprises to leverage video as a source of business intelligence data. Vaidio AI empowers organizations to make informed decisions, optimize processes, and enhance overall operational efficiency to drive better performance, cost savings, and competitive advantage. Vaidio can inspect materials and deliver data rich reports on traffic or logistics patterns, resource allocation, inventory levels, truck yard operations, and more. Vaidio Operations Analytics include:

 Business Intelligence Data

 Camera Health

 Dwell Time

 Heat Map

 Material Inspection

 Operational Data

 Privacy Protection

 Retail Data

The result: Business intelligence data and insights that help improve decision making, reduce risks, improve safety, and optimize operations

graph operations


Vaidio AI video analytics can detect, identify, track, and report on vehicle behavior, speed, make, model, and license plate to enhance security, safety, operations, traffic, and business intelligence for smart city, logistics, and enterprise applications. Vaidio LPR can integrate with access control systems to enhance enterprise security and efficiency. Vaidio LPR can also identify and alert on stolen vehicles in seconds – with any IP camera. Vaidio Data can gather data for infrastructure improvements and logistics enhancements for fleets and truck yards. Vaidio Vehicles Analytics include:

 Business Intelligence - Vehicle Operations

 LPR - Access Control

 LPR - Stolen Vehicles

 Parking Management

 Speed Detection

 Traffic Flow

 Vehicle Make/Model

 Vehicle Wrong Direction

The result: Vaidio can optimize vehicle movement, parking management, access control, law enforcement operations, and logistics efficiency

lpr vehicle


Vaidio AI video analytics can improve the efficiency and accuracy of health screening in any healthcare, campus, transit, entertainment, or enterprise environment. Vaidio streamlines efficient, rapid screening of a large number of individuals in a short amount of time. Vaidio supports continuous surveillance, timely intervention when health issues are detected, and data-driven insights based on health patterns and trends. Vaidio Health Screening Analytics include:

 Face Mask




The result: An easily deployed, cost-effective approach to enhancing and accelerating health screening processes

hospital health



IronYun's SIA award-winning Vaidio Platform offers more than 30 advanced AI video analytics functions to bring intelligence and accuracy to existing camera and video infrastructures.

Our mission: to build a safer, smarter world by helping our customers improve security, safety, health, and operational efficiency.
IronYun has evolved the artificial intelligence at the core of the Vaidio Platform to create a resource-efficient, open platform that is field-proven to maximize accuracy and performance across the industry’s broadest array of analytics functions. We are NDAA approved, headquartered in Stamford, CT, and our Vaidio Platform is deployed across tens of thousands of cameras for government, healthcare, education, retail, transit, and enterprise customers worldwide.