IronYun® Software License Privacy Statement

This privacy statement explains the data collection and use practices for IronYun software products (Vaidio, AI NVR, AI VMS, CityEyes, IronSafe) and included or referenced products which can be installed separately (such as AI VMS). This privacy statement focuses on features that communicate via the internet to IronYun. Customers running IRONYUN SOFTWARE PRODUCTS outside of a fully self-controlled environment (such as a public cloud hosting environment) should check with the operator of that environment about any additional privacy implications of running IRONYUN SOFTWARE PRODUCTS in that environment.

1. Collection of Your Information

There are ways IronYun can collect data resulting from your installation and use of IRONYUN SOFTWARE PRODUCTS:

  • Data Collected During Setup – data collected about the setup/installation experience.
  • Data Collected Using IronYun Software Products – data collected using the product and its features.
  • “Usage Feedback” – IronYun Software products sends data while the product is running. Example data includes what features are being used and what errors are being returned to calling applications.
  • “Crash Dumps” – When an internal error occurs within the product, IronYun collects information about what happened so that it can improve the product in future releases. When an error occurs in some components and features, the data collected can contain copies of the computer’s memory at the time the error occurred.
  • Direct Feedback from the User to IronYun – feedback data you may expressly choose to send to IronYun (usually through a user interface, such as sending a smile/frown)
  • Indirect Data Collection – data collected when you use IronYun Software products features that communicate with other IronYun services (such as IronYun Azure) governed by their own privacy statements.

2. Use of Your Information

The IronYun software product team uses a data categorization policy to protect customer privacy and help minimize the data that is collected to only data that IronYun needs to improve or service the product. For example, IronYun does not attempt to collect Usage Feedback data containing:

  • Values from inside user tables
  • Log in credentials or other authentication information
  • Since Crash Dumps can contain whatever data was in memory at the time the error occurred, it is possible that the above data types or other sensitive customer information may be included in Crash Dumps. IronYun uses Crash Dumps only to troubleshoot and fix defects (bugs) in the product and not for any other purpose.

3. Data Collected and How to Control Data Collection

IronYun Software products enables data collection by default for all categories listed in Section 1. It is possible, in some cases, to limit what data is collected. Data Collected Using IronYun Software products can be configured either via a configuration program, Error and Usage Reporting. More information can be found in How to configure IronYun Software products to send feedback to IronYun.

As of IronYun Software products 2018, it is also possible to audit what Usage Feedback data is sent to IronYun from some components. Customers who have compliance or regulatory concerns can use this feature, along with the Data Classification Matrix, to evaluate whether data sent to IronYun causes any compliance concerns for their specific application.

4. Other Important Privacy Information

If you have a technical or general support question, please visit to learn more about IronYun Support offerings.

If you have a general privacy question or want to request access to your personal information, please contact us at this link: