Vaidio® for Healthcare

Improve patient care and safety with Vision AI



Vaidio AI video analytics analyze stored or real-time video to enhance hospital security, track assets, secure facilities, automate access control, and even monitor patient falls, location, or out-of-bed status — all while maintaining HIPAA compliance and protecting personal privacy.




Patient Safety and Security

Safeguard patient well-being while alleviating the liability burden with advanced Vision AI solutions tailored for healthcare environments:

  • Proactive patient monitoring
  • Fall detection
  • Patient out-of-bed
  • Patient locations
Vaidio Vision AI is an always-on safety monitor, proactively alerting on patient status to mitigate risks, reduce accidents, and lower liability costs.


Asset and Inventory Tracking

Accurately track assets, equipment, and inventory to improve asset retention and operational efficiency:

  • Visually track wheelchairs or mobile nursing computer stations
  • Track by QR code or object recognition
  • Monitor warehouse loading, unloading, and shelf occupancy
  • Alert on missing items or when assets go off campus

While wireless tracking tools like GPS and RFID can help locate equipment, Vaidio can provide more cost effective asset and inventory tracking by applying Vision AI to existing camera networks. Vaidio video search can also assist after-the-fact forensic investigations, returning search results in seconds that would manually take hours, days, or weeks.


Access Control

Vaidio can improve the security and effectiveness of facility access while maintaining compliance with privacy regulations:

  • Automated face-based entry permissions
  • Staff and personnel movement analysis
  • Granular control for restricted areas
  • Video-based license plate recognition that can work with new or existing cameras

Vaidio AI can cost effectively turn any camera into an automated face- or license-plate-based access control system that integrates with doors, locks and gates to make access to facilities and parking lots more secure, efficient and cost effective.


Privacy Protection

Vaidio protects privacy and ensures regulatory compliance:

  • Analyze and alert on real-time video streams
  • By default, metadata and video frames generated from real-time analysis is stored blurred
  • Authorized personnel can unblur with associated audit trail
  • Integrate with 30 VMS's out-of-the-box for privacy protected AI search on stored video

Vaidio real-time monitoring, forensic video search and investigation, and business intelligence data analytics all operate with privacy blurring on by default. This protects both patient confidentiality and regulatory compliance.


Protect your hospital with Vaidio®

Boost your healthcare facility's security posture

Precision and Efficiency

Vaidio ensures healthcare security by minimizing false alerts by 99.9%, filtering out irrelevant elements for precise detection.

Rapid Deployment, Lower Costs

Easily deploy Vaidio in healthcare facilities with rapid setup, reducing equipment costs. For example, one hospital integrated 500 cameras over a weekend, cutting servers by 85%.

Advanced Healthcare Security

Vaidio offers rapid forensic video searches and superior accuracy tailored for healthcare, outperforming traditional solutions.
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Figure 1. Selecting AI video analytics with the Vaidio AI Vision Platform

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