Accurate license plate recognition for any IP camera

The Vaidio® AI Vision Platform gives cities and police departments the LPR capabilities needed to quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively reduce crime and improve safety.



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The IACP recognizes that “the first step of violent crime and high-impact crime often begins with a stolen vehicle.”

With LPR, you can identify and respond to that stolen vehicle before another crime occurs.

But not all LPR is created equal.



Vaidio LPR Improves accuracy by eliminating false alerts

Vaidio LPR uses AI evolved over multiple generations to increase accuracy. Vaidio LPR works with partial plates as well as in tough conditions and adapts to different lighting and weather.


Vaidio LPR Works with Any IP Camera

Vaidio LPR delivers accurate LPR with existing cameras and the video infrastructure to support crime reduction and improve safety. Many alternative solutions rely on dedicated, proprietary “ALPR Cameras” which can be expensive. Vaidio can deliver next-generation AI to any ONVIF compliant IP camera.

There are two advantages to this: first, community police departments can leverage existing cameras and avoid the high cost associated with proprietary cameras; and second, Vaidio delivers exponentially more processing power relative to camera-based analytics, making Vaidio more accurate than camera-based solutions. 

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Vaidio LPR recognizes partial and foreign license plates and delivers accurate analytics and alerts—day and night, in all types of weather conditions.

LPR Snow Tough Conditions 3-1

Reduce False Alerts by 99.9%

Relative to another AI-powered solution, Vaidio LPR reduced false alerts by 99.9% by understanding context and filtering out shadows, leaves, insects, animals, and weather.

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Identify More,

One Midwest police department in a mid-sized city identified and apprehended 12 stolen vehicles using Vaidio LPR in the first month of operation.


Scalable Forensic Video Search Capabilities

Unlike many camera-based LPR solutions that only work in real-time, Vaidio offers scalable forensic video search capabilities for accelerated incident investigation.

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More Processing Power

Vaidio delivers more processing power relative to camera-based analytics


Searches in Seconds

Vaidio finishes forensic searches within seconds.

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More Accurate

Vaidio is more accurate than camera-based solutions

Vaidio LPR is part of a comprehensive AI-enabled Video Analytics Platform that provides real-time alerts


Vaidio LPR is just one of 30 next-generation AI enabled video analytics offered by the Vaidio AI Vision Platform. Communities no longer have to deploy multiple point solutions. Vaidio offers accurate intrusion detection, vehicle make and model search, and object, person, health and safety analytics as well as comprehensive forensic video search to complement Vaidio LPR. Consolidating community crime and safety monitoring and investigations onto a single high performance platform serves to further prevent and solve crime and increase departmental efficiency.

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Figure 1. Selecting AI video analytics with the Vaidio AI Vision Platform

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