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Revolutionizing Video Analytics: Vaidio GenAI

Revolutionizing Video Analytics: Vaidio GenAI

The Vaidio 8.0 release adds Generative AI to the world's most advanced deep learning Vision AI

Intelligent video analytics stand on the brink of a revolution. New technologies have the potential to enhance traditional security and safety applications with new levels of accuracy and automation. And new levels of intelligence and understanding hold the promise to expand the capabilities of Vision AI to drive new waves of business intelligence, business transformation, and value creation.

To realize this potential, IronYun has taken advanced, generative AI technology, fine-tuned it, and integrated it into the Vaidio AI Vision Platform, to complement our industry leading, deep-learning-based video analytics and to exponentially expand the applications for the Vaidio platform.


Traditional programming is deterministic in nature and relies on explicit instructions. Such programmatic systems were ill suited for image recognition and computer vision. Enter AI and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). CNNs marked a significant leap from rule-based processing, allowing machines to learn from data and identify patterns without explicit programming for each task. This was a game-changer for image recognition.

Generative AI (GenAI) expands exponentially on the amount of training data and the complexity of neural networks. This gives GenAI the ability to create new, realistic data instances – thus the “generative” naming – which in turn unlock vast capabilities for video analysis and understanding.

Vaidio GenAI

IronYun, a pioneer in AI-driven video analytics, was at the forefront of CNNs for video intelligence. We are now pioneering the integration of GenAI with CNN-based inferencing models. The combination of a tuned, “general intelligence” with advanced, discrete video analytics applications, is groundbreaking. Vaidio 8.0 has the potential to open up video as a source of business intelligence, digital transformation, and ROI.

New Core Capabilities

The Vaidio 8.0 release is scheduled to launch this Spring but we can demo the following Vaidio GenAI capabilities today: 1, natural language video search, 2, accurate recognition of complex objects and behaviors, 3, an exponential expansion of native object vocabulary, and 4, accelerated custom model development.

Generative Search on Vaidio Metadata

Vaidio 8.0’s GenAI-powered natural language video search interface will enable conversation-like video search. Vaidio GenAI video search will enable ChatGPT like search queries across all video that Vaidio has analyzed. Type “Show me all subjects with purple shirts, dark blue pants, and a backpack riding past all outdoor cameras between 3-5pm over the past week” – and Vaidio will return accurate search results nearly instantaneously. This capability doesn't just enhance efficiency; it democratizes data access, enabling users across various skill levels to use advanced video analytics in a multitude of applications.

Understanding Complex Behaviors

Even advanced video analytics can struggle with complex, context-sensitive scenarios. Vaidio GenAI shatters these boundaries, offering nuanced understanding and analysis of behaviors such as identity spoofing, fighting, subtle abnormalities, small or difficult to distinguish objects, and smoke detection. This depth of analysis ensures that Vaidio is not just monitoring but truly understanding and interpreting the visual data. This opens possibilities for new intelligence and new applications that can drive outsized business outcomes for manufacturing, logistics, retail, healthcare, hospitality and more.

Expanding Horizons

Vaidio GenAI expands Vaidio’s native object vocabulary from thousands to an astounding 50,000 terms. This is double or triple the vocabulary needed to understand The New York Times. This massive object vocabulary opens up a vast expanse of new applications to complement our current inferencing models.

Customization and Adaptable Intelligence at Its Core

Vaidio GenAI also significantly reduces the time and effort required to tailor the system to specific use cases, from manufacturing and material inspection, to liability reduction, event analytics, pattern analysis, process optimization and more. With its natural language interface and almost common-sense level of understanding, Vaidio GenAI can significantly accelerate the creation of specialized models and applications.

Embracing the Future with Vaidio GenAI

As IronYun continues to push the boundaries of the possible in video analytics, it's clear that the integration of Generative AI into the Vaidio platform is more than just an upgrade; it's a reimagining of how we interact with, analyze, and derive value from video data. Vaidio 8.0 offers the best of both worlds: discrete, CNN powered video analytics optimized for specific applications and computational efficiency; and actionable, real-time intelligence that can adapt, learn, and evolve.

The journey of Vaidio GenAI is not just about technological advancement; it's about crafting solutions that are intuitive, insightful, and, most importantly, impactful. As we look to the future, the potential of such integrative AI applications is boundless, promising a safer, more efficient, and smarter world. Intelligence drives innovation™.

Availability and Demo Requests

Vaidio 8.0 is in beta today. It will be generally available this Spring. We have limited availability to conduct invitation only, fully functional demonstrations. Inquire at vaidiogenai@ironyun.com.