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IronYun Expands The Power Of The Vaidio AI Vision Platform With 7.1 Release

IronYun Expands The Power Of The Vaidio AI Vision Platform With 7.1 Release

STAMFORD, Conn., Aug. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- IronYun Inc., a leader in AI vision for security, safety, and operational applications, today announced the 7.1 release of the Vaidio® AI Vision Platform. The Vaidio 7.1 release marks a significant milestone for the award-winning Vaidio AI Vision Platform. This version brings the advantages of cloud-based applications through Vaidio on Cloud, while also introducing Specialized Object Detection and enhancements to FR, LPR, and alerts. Vaidio on Cloud is enabled by Kubernetes to run on any cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

The Vaidio AI Vision Platform is an open platform that layers advanced AI-enabled video analytics onto existing IP cameras and video infrastructures. Released just four months after Vaidio 7.0, version 7.1 expands the platform's applications and is testament to the company's rapid development process.

"In today's ever-changing landscape, rapid development stands as our cornerstone to meet dynamic video analytics needs. With Vaidio 7.1, we underscore our agility in introducing cutting-edge features, enhancing existing capabilities, and providing clients across sectors with unparalleled AI-driven video analytics solutions." - Paul Sun, CEO of IronYun

Version 7.1 adds and enhances the following features:

  • Vaidio on Cloud

For enterprise customers and integrators with cloud expertise, Vaidio 7.1 is Kubernetes enabled, providing dynamic scale up and scale down features, integrated license management (with Vaidio's floating and schedulable analytics licenses) and more. Vaidio 7.1 makes it easier to provision and configure cameras in large scale environments and to capitalize on the benefits of the cloud.

  • Specialized Object Detection

Specialized Object Detection delivers real-time detection and alerts of prohibited objects in use, as well as identification of these objects in forensic investigations.

  • Alert Trigger Enhancement

Users can now extract existing HTTP alert triggers to easily apply across alert rules.

  • FR and LPR Color Coding

User-defined color coding is now available for both FR and LPR lists. This new feature elevates the user experience providing more insightful event notifications.

  • Expiration for LR and LPR Targets

Automatically remove targets from FR and LPR lists once the user-defined date is reached. This new feature is useful for granting temporary access permissions, managing contractors and vendors, and enhancing parking access control.

  • Azure Single Sign-On

Azure Single-Sign-On enables convenient access to Vaidio Core through Azure Active Directory with a single set of credentials. It enhances authentication and security by eliminating the need for separate login credentials for each service.


About IronYun

IronYun has evolved the artificial intelligence at the core of the Vaidio Platform to create a resource-efficient, open platform. IronYun is recognized by IDC as a 'Major Player' in video analytics. The Vaidio Platform has won ISC West New Product Showcase Awards for Mobile Applications, Commercial Monitoring, Loss Prevention and Article Surveillance, and Video Analytics. Vaidio is field-proven to maximize accuracy, performance and cost effectiveness across the industry's broadest array of analytics functions. Headquartered in Stamford, CT, IronYun is NDAA approved. The Vaidio Platform is deployed across tens of thousands of cameras for government, healthcare, education, retail, transit, and enterprise customers worldwide. Learn more here.