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Frequently Asked Questions


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  • How do I buy Vaidio?

    Vaidio is “platform + AI-analytics” software that runs on standard servers with Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs. Together, the software and hardware create Vaidio video search appliances (VSAs). Vaidio VSAs are available worldwide from valued reseller partners and integrators. VSAs are available as pre-configured bundles, or as custom configurations based on your functional requirements and required number of cameras and video channels.

  • Can I use my own servers, or run Vaidio in the cloud?

    The Vaidio software platform is usually purchased pre-installed on purpose-built video search appliances. However, Vaidio can be purchased as software only for installation on compliant hardware, and can also be deployed as software only (VSaaS) in the cloud. For more information on these options, please contact

  • Does Vaidio work on real-time video, stored video, or both?

    Vaidio can search, detect, and alert on both real-time camera and video streams and on stored, historic, and forensic video from just about any video source.

  • What is the relationship between IronYun and Vaidio?

    IronYun, a US-based company, is the creator and maker of Vaidio, the advanced AI enabled video analytics software platform.

  • How do you pronounce Vaidio?

    Vaidio is pronounced Vai (as in ‘sky’) – dee – oh.

  • Can you tell me more about how Vaidio AI increases accuracy?

    Vaidio increases accuracy in a number of ways. Vaidio’s 4th generation AI can discern the difference between leaves, branches, objects, animals and people in order to only trigger an alert on, for example, a person of interest. Vaidio also includes multiple object-specific AI engines, each of which is tuned to provide a higher level of accuracy. Vaidio optimizes video frame processing efficiency and accuracy by discarding un-necessary frames. In addition, Vaidio performs motion detection before object recognition so, for example, if there is a parked car, Vaidio will only generate a new video search result when the car moves. And, Vaidio allows tunable parameters to create higher alert thresholds, which narrows down result sets for higher accuracy.

  • What does IronYun mean?

    IronYun translates to IronCloud. IronYun was founded in Taiwan and moved shortly thereafter to Stamford, CT, becoming a US company with the official name of IronYun USA Inc.

  • What happened to AI NVR?

    What happened to AI NVR?


  • Is Vaidio camera-agnostic?

    Vaidio works with 97% of all ONVIF-compliant IP cameras.

  • Does Vaidio integrate with third-party video management systems (VMS’s) and network video recorders (NVR’s)?

    Vaidio integrates with most 3rd party VMSs and NVRs including Milestone, Genetec, Panasonic, Video Insight, Network Optix, Digital Watchdog and others. For a complete list of available integrations today, please visit our Integrations webpage or contact

  • Can IronYun recommend a monitoring partner?

    The Vaidio Video Intelligence Platform makes monitoring more efficient with quicker video search and high-accuracy alerts (low false positives). Please contact for a VMS or monitoring recommendation tailored to your environment.


  • How do you deploy and install Vaidio? How long does it take to set up?

    Our goal is to make the system as easy to set up and run as possible. Installation and configuration typically take about an hour. Generally speaking, all you need is familiarity with your network configuration (IP address, DNS server, etc.) to get the system up and running on your network. All other configuration is done via browser (Chrome).

  • Are you available to assist with Vaidio set up?

    If you can provide us TeamViewer access to your computer and device, we are available to assist with set up.

  • Is Vaidio GDPR compliant?

    Yes, Vaidio can be GDPR compliant. Vaidio can redact faces and license plates in post-processing, and redacted video can be downloaded and used for evidence.

  • Does Vaidio encrypt video?

    Vaidio does not change or encrypt video. Vaidio analyzes real-time or stored video streams, and stores only metadata. Stored video remains on the source (USB, hard drive, NVR, VMS…) and video encryption is up to the source device.

  • How does Vaidio manage video stored on the VSA, or video metadata generated by its analytics?

    Files uploaded directly to the Vaidio VSA can be deleted via the delete button. For metadata results from analyzed video streams, new metadata automatically overwrites the old on a rolling basis: for data stored for 7 days, for example, day-8 data will overwrite day-1 data.

  • Can Vaidio display on-screen alerts and associated video for specific events without having to monitor the video during non-events?

    Yes, Vaidio can display real-time alerts on screen without the need for constant monitoring. Alert events are based on user-tunable configurations for just about any combination of objects, people, and event types such as loitering, falling, or ‘object left behind’.