Unlock the Power of AI Video Surveillance with Vaidio® by IronYun®

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The IronYun Vaidio AI Vision Platform addresses the key challenges in video analytics and offers advanced solutions to enhance your operations. Here's how Vaidio can transform your security and surveillance strategy:

✔️ Enhancing Video Camera Intelligence:

Many video cameras lack the intelligence needed to make security and safety operations truly effective. Our platform brings a new level of intelligence to any camera, providing accurate AI monitoring and alerting, making your surveillance systems smarter and more cost-effective.

✔️ Streamlining Video Search

Manual video search can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task, taking hours or even days to find relevant footage. Vaidio's technology changes the game, delivering forensic video search results in seconds, accelerating both search and incident response time.

✔️ Accessibility of Video Data

In many cases, video data is locked away, inaccessible, and untapped. With Vaidio, you can unlock the full potential of your video data and gain valuable business insights.

✔️ Overcoming Single-Threaded Solutions

Unlike many closed, single-threaded solutions, Vaidio is an open software platform. It adds intelligence to any camera, seamlessly integrates with existing systems, and supports a wide range of mainstream and custom analytics.

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from 10s to 1,000s of cameras


works with existing IP cameras and video management systems


30+ advanced AI video analytics for security, safety, and operations


deploy analytics à la carte as needed and multiple analytics per camera

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