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To Boost Security Posture, Look Beyond Weapons Detection

To Boost Security Posture, Look Beyond Weapons Detection

Schools are working to make their campuses safer and more secure. In the U.S., there is an understandable focus on addressing gun violence. However, focusing solely on gun detecting tools can shift attention and budgets away from a more comprehensive approach to campus security. A more comprehensive approach is far more likely to significantly improve the security posture of the entire campus.

Computer-vision based weapons detection is often presented as a first-choice option for ensuring the safety of the campus population. Accurate weapon recognition does have the potential to improve threat detection and accelerate law enforcement response. However, these incidents happen so quickly that a faster response may still fail to make an impact. The cost-benefit of dedicated weapons detection systems should therefore be carefully investigated.

To address this issue more effectively, the Department of Homeland Security (including the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and SchoolSafety.gov) recommends combining physical security and emergency management with a more comprehensive threat assessment process. When implemented properly, a comprehensive approach may be more successful at improving the safety and security at school campuses.

One of the key steps in this comprehensive approach is to define behaviors that have the potential to lead to the use of weapons on campus. Certain behaviors typically trigger immediate intervention, such as threats, violent acts, or possession of weapons on campus. Other behaviors that may indicate the potential for future violence include engaging in prohibited activities, such as vandalism, theft, or bullying. 

A holistic and multifaceted approach to campus security has the potential to improve the overall security posture of the campus, while helping to identify, assess, and address ‘signal’ behaviors before they escalate to become significant threats. The Vaidio AI Vision Platform supports a holistic approach by providing 30 AI-enabled video analytics on a single, user-friendly platform. Vaidio enables a layered approach to campus security that is more effective at improving the overall security posture of campuses large and small than weapons detection alone.

Vaidio’s always-on system enables real-time monitoring and alerts, as well as AI-boosted forensic video search and incident investigation. Vaidio AI Analytics for campus safety and security include:

  • Intrusion Detection
    Real-time AI intrusion monitoring that filters >99% of false alerts

  • Smoke & Fire Detection
    AI increases the accuracy and immediacy of smoke and fire detection in areas without sensor but with video camera coverage

  • Loitering and Crowd Detection
    Detects loitering and crowding conditions and sends alerts in <2 seconds

  • Fall Detection
    Detects and alerts on falls due to accident or violence

  • Facial Recognition (FR)
    Supports accurate access control for students, teachers, and staff

  • Scene Change Detection
    Rapidly identifies changes to a ‘normal’ scene and sends alerts for suspicious objects, removed objects, or conditional changes

  • Vehicle Make/Model Detection
    Tracks 100 vehicle makes and models to enhance traffic and parking security and management

  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
    Tracks authorized and unauthorized license plate activity, raises access gates for authorized vehicles, and increases campus and lot security

  • Access Control Integration

    Prevents unauthorized persons or vehicles from entering secure areas; enables lockdown in case of threat or emergency

  • IoT and VMS integrations
    Integrates sensors for audio gunshot, CO2, vaping, and more, and provides alerts and/or video search capabilities to any of 28 pre-integrated VMSs 

Taken together, these Vaidio AI-enabled video analytics functions provide holistic security enhancement. By integrating smoke, fire, vehicle, face, license plate, sensor, and intrusion detection, Vaidio increases the level of situational awareness and ability to address leading indicators such as violence, vandalism and theft, while comprehensively making any campus safer and more secure.

Vaidio Weapons Detection can complement these capabilities by adding an additional level of monitoring and detection. Vaidio Weapons Detection is based on advanced AI evolved over multiple generations. It is field proven to provide one of the more accurate gun and weapons detection capabilities available today. Unlike alternatives, Vaidio Weapons Detection can differentiate between an authorized, holstered weapon and a pistol or rifle that is in an active shooting posture. While Vaidio Weapon Detection has the potential to accelerate threat response, it is more effective when used in conjunction with Vaidio’s suite of AI video analytics to upgrade the overall campus security posture.

Vaidio works with any new or existing IP camera, integrates out of the box with 28 market leading video management systems, and scales from 10s to 1,000s of cameras. A core value proposition of the Vaidio Platform is its ability to integrate with, add value to, and extend the useful life of existing video infrastructure. Vaidio improves overall campus security with a comprehensive suite of AI video analytics and without the need to add staff or purchase dedicated cameras. Using one platform for multiple campuses or sites, Vaidio supports a centralized approach to school security. The solution is fast and easy to deploy, and any combination of Vaidio analytics can be added to any number of cameras. By enabling a holistic approach to campus security that is recommended by safety and security authorities, Vaidio upgrades the full security posture at campuses of any size.

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