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How Video Analytics Systems Provide Valuable Business Insights

How Video Analytics Systems Provide Valuable Business Insights

How Video Analytics Systems Provide Valuable Business Insights

Data is king. You use it every day in your company. And if you master it, you could take your business to new heights.

We live in an information economy now. Companies worldwide are doing whatever they can to analyze their data and pull out the best insights.

Senior executives are constantly racking their brains to determine the best target demographic, target customer, and even their target area. The result is a whole industry of supplying businesses with analytics.

But have you considered video analytics systems?

The odds are pretty good that your business has a video security system. It may help to keep your facilities and people safe – but did you know it can be an amazing business tool as well?

In this article, we're going to discuss how you can turn business security into business efficiency. And you can do it all by analyzing your video content.


Why Video Analytics?

No matter what industry you're in, you're probably creating video content. Manufacturing, auto shops, apparel businesses, people from all walks of life are creating and using loads of video content per day.

With so much video available in the market today, the amount of data that can be extracted from it is remarkable. You just need to have a system capable of understanding and extracting that data. The right AI-enabled video analytics system can track any spatial or temporal guidelines, identify and notify any abnormalities, and produce enterprise-grade analytics reports.

Video analytics can help make your business more profitable by removing human error from your daily operations. Businesses are also creating apps with video analytics software to help improve some of their daily business practices.

Video Analytics Systems for Business

How are video analytics systems changing how business is done? Let's take a look.

Object Detection and Tracking

AI-enabled video analytics systems can identify and track specific objects. For example, identifying every bicycle within the camera frame, non-uniform items on a production line, or counterfeit drugs; or counting the number of people entering a room or cars entering a parking lot. Once the system identifies these objects, it can then track their movement as well.

This has implications in industries from manufacturing to healthcare to retail. Shop owners can track visitor demographics, or spot an object in the wrong place on their sales floor. Video-based analytics could also identify high traffic areas and times. Or identify the moment when a production issue arose.

How would the same types of insights help you in your own business?

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is controversial but can be beneficial. If AI and machine learning can properly detect faces, even with masks, they can make thermal temperature scanning more accurate, eliminating the need for manual forehead thermometers and allowing employees or fans, for example, to enter facilities at normal walking speed. is beneficial in a wide variety of industries.

Emotion Detection

Video analytics systems are even capable of detecting emotion. Technology companies are seeing this type of software in the retail space. Businesses are using it to predict customers' needs better. Video analytics can make focus groups and product testing more efficient and informative for sales and marketing teams.

Remote Tracking

Businesses are now able to track and serve customers remotely through video analytics systems. One of the industries we see this in is the healthcare industry. Through video analytics systems, doctors now can monitor and visit patients in the comfort of their own homes.

In addition, hospitals are increasing patient care with the help of video content. Analytics systems can monitor patient rooms to keep track of the nursing staff. If a nurse hasn't visited a patient in a certain amount of time, the system can notify the team to check on a patient in a particular room. Video analytics can help monitor patients at greater risk for falling; rooms for availability and/or visitor hours; common areas for occupancy and distancing; and traffic patterns across facilities and floors. All this video data can be summarized and parsed to allow more insight into hospital operations.

This remote-tracking functionality is also helping the security industry. It's making them more accurate and increasing the safety of their jurisdictions by eliminating the human error that creeps in after attempting to monitor multiple cameras after even a short time. AI-enabled monitoring is more accurate and offers the ability to offer detailed analytics to offer a more comprehensive understanding of security trends to make your operation more effective and efficient.


Video analytics solutions can identify, track, and analyze items, behaviors, and conditions over time. The data gleaned from real-time and historic monitoring can inform operational, process, product, personnel and facility decisions across industries. Video analytics data can drive time and costs savings while simultaneously improving productivity, safety and security.

How Do They Do This? 

How do these systems track and analyze the human environment so well?

The short answer? They got smarter. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been around for a while. But artificial Intelligence, deep learning, and deep neural networks (DNN) have evolved to provide greater capability, greater accuracy, and a broader range of functionality. This higher level of understanding can be harnessed to provide deeper business insights to cut costs, save time, increase productivity, and improve safety, security and efficiency.

The technology and learning capability of video analytics systems can take your business to the next level.

Video Analytics Systems And Your Business

Video analytics systems are changing the business landscape. Businesses can be safer, more profitable, and better serve their customers with the help of video analytics.

If you have any other questions on what video can do for you and your business, contact us anytime. We are happy to help in any way we can. Let us provide the video analytics solution that is right for your business.