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Vaidio 5.1 Software Release - Updates & Changes

Vaidio 5.1 Software Release - Updates & Changes

IronYun continuously upgrades and adds functionality to the Vaidio AI Vision Platform to improve accuracy, increase performance, and add convenience. 

Here are the new features and updates for Vaidio 5.1:

Improved Analytics




    • Display age and gender statistics in pyramid, bar, and pie charts.

demographics pie chart

 ID Verification

Support All Driver’s Licenses

    • Vaidio 5.1 supports driver’s licenses from all 50 states 

 Vehicle Counting

Vehicle Speed Detection

    • Detect whether a vehicle travels at higher, lower or the same speed as normal traffic

vehicle speed detection


System Upgrades

Camera Management

Enable Multiple AI Models on a Single Camera Stream

    • Users can activate multiple models at the same time for one camera stream

Camera Profile UI revamp

    • More intuitive user interface for camera profile management

vaidio interface revamp

 Software Updates

 Offline Upgrade

    • After downloading the software update package, no internet is required for the installation.


Upgraded Integrations

  • Vaidio offers three levels of integration: 1, pull data, 2, pull data and send alerts, and 3, pull data, send alerts, and access Vaidio through the native application
    • Salient has been upgraded from level-1 to level-2 integration
    • Luxriot has been upgraded from level-1 to level-2 integration
    • Milestone has been upgraded from level-2 to level-3 integration

  New Integrations

    • Immix has joined the ever-growing list as a level-2 integration


 Vaidio Apps

App version must be the same as the version of Vaidio

Vaidio Mobile App

    • This App now includes Speed Detection and an upgraded user interface

Vaidio Cam App

    • This App is now supported on iOS (previously, Android only)

iphone with cam app