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Next Generation AI-Enabled Video Analytics


In public places and private spaces, Vaidio's video analytics platform delivers world-class accuracy, performance, and insights that create safety, security, and peace of mind.

Globally, tens of thousands of cameras are equipped with our easy-to-use software to accurately detect objects, people, and patterns—around the clock, every single day, at lightning speed. In today’s complex world, Vaidio is the enterprise solution of choice for faster, more accurate, more efficient AI-enabled video analytics.

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30+ advanced AI video analytics on a single platform

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99% reduction in false alerts


Lower TCO

80% fewer hardware/cloud resources

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Open & Scalable

Any ONVIF IP camera, 1 to 1,000s of cameras



Available in the Cloud, on-premises, IoT edge, and by subscription

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New & custom applications every quarter

"Vaidio AI Analytics scores the highest and drives real-world customer value. Out of hundreds of solutions we've worked with, Vaidio is one of a handful that ranks highest in terms of platform maturity and driving real-world customer value."
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Easy to Implement. Simple to Use.

The Vaidio platform works with almost any IP video camera and any existing VMS system to analyze massive amounts of video—quickly, accurately, and efficiently—from a single, integrated platform.

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Real-Time Intrusion Detection

In homes, schools, and other private and public spaces, AI-enabled intrusion detection helps keep people and places safe.

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License Plate Recognition

Rapid, accurate LPR gives law enforcement the insights needed to track and manage criminal activity.


Forensic Video Search

Unlimited data on a single platform provides insights to accelerate incident investigation and response.

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reduction in false alerts


AI-enabled video analytics


less resource requirements


cameras keeping communities safe

Excellence that earns accolades

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