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There is massive opportunity in artificial intelligence, especially in video analytics, security and safety. Hundreds of millions have been invested in the last few years. The market is hungry for differentiated solutions that work.

IronYun’s Vaidio® AI Vision Platform occupies a unique position in the market, with differentiated technology that delivers proven real-world value.

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The Mission

Our mission is to solve real-world problems and to create value for our customers with the world’s most advanced AI vision platform.

The Company

As a global leader in AI deep learning video search and real-time video analytics, IronYun provides scalable, next-generation artificial intelligence solutions for security, safety, health and operations to customers across the globe. IronYun is a US-based, NDAA (United States National Defense Authorization Act) certified company headquartered in Stamford, CT. Marketing, product and customer engineering offices are in the US, R&D is in Taiwan, and distribution, technology and OEM partners are global. IronYun's Vaidio AI Vision Platform is deployed across tens of thousands of cameras in dozens of industries worldwide.

The Team

Our world-class international team has been working on common sense artificial intelligence and computer vision for thirty years. We’ve evolved Vaidio over multiple generations to make it the most accurate, resource-efficient, context-aware, comprehensive, and mature AI vision platform in the industry



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“Cares about employees, flexible. Great place to work”

“The working atmosphere is friendly. Managers are willing tolisten to everyone’s opinions. Keep doing new things withtechnology which benefit the world”

“The culture is very positive and transparent and everyone is open to new ideas and suggestions. There are lots of opportunities for growth at Ironyun. Teams at Ironyun generally enjoy a lot of autonomy and freedom tochoose what they want to work on”




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